IT Services

IT Services offered by Orange County IT Consultants

Reduce downtime, increase profitability, and make your technology work for you. Orange County IT Consultants is dedicated to keeping your technology investment up and running smoothly so you can focus on your business. You can relax knowing our partnership with your organization means we take your IT personally, and strive to keep your staff productive with the tools they need to drive your business forward. We provide the IT Services you need to succeed.

IT Support & 24/7/365 Technical Support
Remote Desktop Support – What if there was a way to increase productivity and reduce downtime to save money? Our Desktop Support service includes unlimited 24/7 helpdesk support – Antivirus software, Antispyware software, and routine maintenance on each desktop for a reasonable fixed monthly fee. Remote Server Support – Protecting your server(s) from unwanted downtime is a priority to small businesses. With Orange County IT Consultants Remote Server Support service you will have professional monitoring 24x7x365. Server Support also includes help desk and daily management tasks such as adding and deleting users and routine maintenance by our certified staff.
Networking and Cloud Computing
Business Network Setup – Setup and Configure a completely secure and stable Business Network to include File Sharing, Remote Access, Network Printing, and more! Business Network Configuration – Using your existing Hardware we Optimize and Improve your Business Network to the highest standards. Business Network File Storage – Provide setup and configuration of Network Storage using your local or offsite servers. Network Optimization – Optimize and Improve your Business Network’s speed and signal strength across all devices within your business. *Additional Hardware may be needed for full optimization. We can evaluate your needs and pair the best-fit VoIP solution.
Website and Graphic Design
Personal Website – Create a personal website to your design standards. Optional domain name and hosting available.
Business Website – Create and design a professional business website for your small to mid-sized business. Optional domain name and hosting are available.Personal Email Accounts – Setup and manage email addresses at this domain (FREE). Or choose your own domain (*Additional charge may apply). Business Email Accounts – Business email accounts setup for each staff member. Email hosting and user maintenance also available.Existing Personal Website Maintenance – If you currently have a personal website (domain or hosted) we can reconfigure and redesign the site to your liking.
Telephone Services
Setup / Configure VoIP – Setup Voice Over IP (VoIP) access point and VoIP telephones across a small or mid-size office environment. Configuration of existing VoIP or Analog (PBX) phone system also available. New or existing Mobile service from providers such as Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon. Mobile devices supported: iPhone (all models), and most Android OS phones. Simple, Flexible, and Cost Effective; VoIP is the future of voice communications for businesses. You’ve probably heard about VoIP – voice communication that transmits over the Internet. VoIP can save 30% to 50% compared to traditional phone bills, and empowers your business to go far beyond the restraints of a typical phone system solution. We can evaluate your needs.
Multimedia and Home Theater
Multimedia Consulting – Do you need someone to find the best HDTV or HDTV service provider? How about the best surround sound system or system setup? Video and VoIP conferencing for your small or mid-size office. Setup services such as “Time Warner Business Class” across all desktop computers and phones, including HDTV. Setup / Configure Tablets – Create or Improve your existing backup plan so it utilizes the best backup procedures needed for your business. Your entire office can be virtualized, granting your employees access anywhere to their desktop and applications. By centralizing your desktop environment, you can access your files and programs from anywhere on virtually any device with a web browser, and the cost of management and support is minimized.